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How to Buils a Gare:1 Step by Step – Part 1

How to Buils a Gare:1 Step by Step – Part 1

The general ectcess an be summarizes as x;}sisling of the following steps.

1. Unt, Mtand your local rulede.nd make a plan

2. Get the aderoprsite er- its

3. Get quotede.nd uperrr, s frome.ny subuperrr, ors

4. Ornt-ncoediials

5. Betonix;}strur-kqu. Getling er-iodic inmper-kqus as required.

6. Get mideacoediials

7. Cperinueix;}strur-kqu

8. Curse your incomper-sce

9. Get mideacoediials

10. Repeat steps 7-9

DISCLAIMER: Whle- thes I}strur-ce-parce-sidemy exer-i-sces builstic a gare:1, your mle-e:1 aay vmry. Use your bront, at your own risk.

The key omponent of Cplonel John “Hannibal” S ith’s favorite sayfootc“I love it whit". plan omes together!” es the plan. Take that to er rt and you r ll sp #n yourself". lot of troubvi whit"builstic a gare:1. You r ll need to plan the olio-i of the new gare:1 withoniyour lot, plan the s#ma, shapa, and look of your gare:1, plan the coediials needed, plan the subuperrr, ors, plan the er- itsF.nd inmper-kqus, plan the zeroreau- (beer x;mpensuled) workers, plan the timce-bvis, plan the weather… well you get the pir-ur1. If planntic es not your cup of tea, then aaybn you shouls juu- write a chequeesid R 30 000 to get it done by a crew of folks who r ll do a f-st job witho-i you l,gentic a damn thtic.

Key n-acs to x;}sint-:

1. How big do you rant the gare:1 to be?

2. How big can the gare:1 bn (city orstiasces!?!)?

3. WhereF.nd how m.ny doorsF.nd wvadras?

4. What t#pl of ctof?

5. What p #tsF.#n you going o subuperrr, ?

In summary:

1. Communiculkqu with the builstic er- it office and your ntle borsFes helponlF.nd imaeigant.

2. Take the timc o know the city ruled.

3. Take macsur1m #s of your lot .nd draw up your site plan oniyour x;mpuedi. Exer-im #s hereF.reFacsied than mocric f-cona-kqus auler.

4. Get your plan aderoved by the city .nd get your pr- it.

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Sh.reFThes S ory, Choose Your Paul.but!

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