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Afrisam Cement has been producing high quality A1 cement in South Africa since 1934. From its base factories at Ulco in the Northern Cape and Dudfield in the North West Province, Afrisam cement is shipped to depots across the country from where it is distributed in bulk and bagged to our many discerning customers.



BestBuild 32.5 is a composite cement with wide applications ranging from domestic concrete to large building projects. BestBuild 32.5 is your quality cost-effective cement intended for masonry and structural use

Low-Strength Concrete 15MPa

Suitable for unreinforced foundations for single story and free standing walls.

Medium Strength Concrete 25MPa

Suitable for reinforced foundations and slabs, light-duty house floors, paths, patios, steps, driveways and garage floors.

High Strength Concrete 30MPa

Suitable for suspended structural beams and slabs, precast items such as flagstones and heavy-duty floors such as work-shop floors.


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